Empowering Connections

Work Root Ventures passionately connects returned Nepali migrant workers with investors and mentors

Comprehensive Support

Beyond facilitating connections, Work Root Ventures provides comprehensive support to returned migrant workers.

Collaborative Ecosystem

We are dedicated to fostering a sense of community among returned migrant workers, investors, and mentors.

Connection Growth

About Us

Empowering Nepali Talent Through Connections

At Work Root Ventures, we are passionate about connecting returned Nepali migrant workers with investors and potential mentors, enabling them to find meaningful employment in their home country.

Our platform serves as a bridge, facilitating connections between individuals who have valuable skills and experiences, and those who are willing to invest in their entrepreneurial endeavors

Tushar Shah

CEO & Founder

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Our main goal

Empower Nepal's Youth, Unleash Local Potential

We are dedicated to facilitating the reintegration of returned migrant workers by connecting them with potential investors and mentors.

Strategic Vision

Our vision is to tackle one of Nepal's most critical issues – the exodus of youth seeking foreign employment.

Strategic Mission

Our mission is to address one of Nepal's most pressing challenges – the issue of youth leaving the country for foreign employment

Why Choose Us

Empowering Returned Migrant Workers

At Work Root Ventures, we believe in the potential of returned Nepali migrant workers to make a significant impact on their home country.

Expert People Matter

We possess a dynamic team for our organization.


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